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What is a pinguecula?
A pinguecula is a benign, yellowish growth that forms on the surface of the eye. They usually grow near the cornea and can be seen on either side. People who are exposed to ultraviolet light and spend a lot of time outdoors commonly have this condition. It is usually harmless but if it becomes raised, may result in irritation and dry eyes.

Occasionally, the pinguecula may gradually extend over the cornea, forming a pterygium which is wing like growth.

How would I know that I have this condition?
Pingueculae can often be seen with the naked eye. To confirm that you have this condition, an eye doctor can diagnose this by careful examination with a slit lamp microscope.

What is the treatment of this condition?
As pinguecula are usually harmless, they rarely require surgery. Occasionally, the growth may become inflamed, causing irritation and dryness. The doctor may prescribe artificial tears for lubrication and mild anti-inflammatory medication to reduce swelling.